Training Simulators

Companies save more than 40% of their training budget when using simulators instead of real vehicles. It fast tracks skills development and confidence.

Flight Simulators

TMI has integrated and developed hardware and software for various commercial and military flight simulators. One of our largest flight simulator projects was to support Saab AB with the Gripen Mission Trainer for the South African Air Force. Our company is looking for partnership opportunities with flight schools and aircraft operators looking to develop Flight Training Devices.

Car Simulators

TMI offers an extensive range of car and Light Delivery Vehicle (LDV) simulators, for both learner and advanced driving. Our simulators feature the vehicles' real controls, accurate geo-specific terrains, automated traffic, virtual instructor and automated assessments. We currently have more than 50 driving simulators deployed across South Africa and are willing to customise our simulators for other countries.

Truck Simulators

TMI has designed, developed and deployed several rigid and articulated truck and bus simulators for the logistics and passenger transportation industry. Our heavy motor vehicle simulators are based on existing vehicles from three global manufacturers: Isuzu, Mercedes and Scania. The features and functions emulate the real vehicle and the simulators are used to train drivers on product knowledge, defensive and economical driving. Well trained drivers can save companies up-to 10% of the vehicle’s operating costs.

Maritime Logistics Supply Chain Simulator

TMI recently completed a Logistics Supply Chain Simulator for the maritime industry. The logistics chain role players in the commercial, marine and terminal environment participate in the import, export and transshipment of cargo through the maritime ports environment. The role players perform real life tasks required in the shipping industry, working together on simulated systems that mimic the systems they are using in the real port. This chain simulator can be replicated for the airline and rail industry.